John Lindsay Foundation

In the blink of an eye,  lives can change forever due to circumstances beyond our control.  On May 7, 2010 the John Lindsay family was engulfed in a nightmare that no family should have to endure when the negligence of one company robbed the Lindsay family of a beloved husband, father and grandfather.
The consequences of Celadon’s negligence are long-term and far-reaching.   While the Lindsay family understands that nothing can bring John Lindsay back, they desperately desire to make sure that his death was not in vain.    ENTER  Justice Media Lab.
 JML was initially retained to produce a video featuring crash survivor Wanda Lindsay which included a JML 3-D animation demonstrating the magnitude of the Celadon truck  traveling at 65 mph crashing into the idling Lindsay vehicle.  The JML team quickly identified the need for further action after Lindsay family members expressed their heartfelt  desire to insure that other families not experience their pain.   After discussions with the family,  JML stepped in to assist the Lindsay family in the creation of The John Lindsay Foundation which was founded to educate the public about the dangers of sleep apnea in the commercial vehicle industry and encourage the industry to address the issue.
 JML is uniquely positioned to bring a variety of advocacy resources to our clients.   As in the Lindsay case, the JML team produced a hard-hitting settlement video and assisted in identifying legislation related to the issue and educating foundation leaders on advocacy, research, grant resources and methods to successfully further their cause.   The JML team seeks to provide our clients with a means to turn unimaginable pain and suffering into meaningful action.

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