The artists and engineers at JML have years of experience in developing high level visual communications for demonstrative purposes. We believe the addition of our groundbreaking work in developing our 3D Visual Database, Virtual Courtroom, completes our suite of demonstrative capabilities and services.

Visual Communications

  • Illustrations
  • Animations (2D and 3D)
  • Film and Video
  • Photography (including panoramic VR photography)
  • Pioneered the use of “information on demand” technology including laser disk, bar code scanners and a number of scanning/imaging techniques.
  • Developed first Mediation/Settlement Interactive DVD brochures (supplanting or improving on the Video Settlement Brochure).
  • Created first interactive exhibits used in trial, including rich interactive mapping capabilities, user controllable animation scenarios, and other digital enhancements to improve the performance and usability of case expert presentations.
  • Provide consultation services in the strategy development of trial teams on a range of cases.

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