JML Zoloft/Paxil Engine

Designed to illustrate the complex workings of the embryonic heart, the JML Paxil Engine provides a dynamic, interactive game-engine-driven animated illustrative demonstrative.  This stand-alone tool allows an attorney or expert to show the development of the heart in utero and show how defects develop and how they affect the heart.

The engine includes multiple nodes including interactive illustration of drugs passage from oral ingestion to placental penetration and embryonic absorbtion.  This node allows juries to pass along the blood pathways through the human body to better understand how these chemicals directly affect developing embryos.  Other nodes include transparent anatomical studies better illustrating how drugs move through the circulatory system.

Molecule level illustrations are used to illustrate serotonin and it’s passage through a neural cleft and how inhibitors block the reuptake.  The node goes beyond a simple animated illustration as the presenter can rotate around the neural cleft, zoom in and through it to better show the process and chemical effects.  Additional nodes that help illustrate cell-level concepts include neural crest cell migration and the affects of Paxil on the process.  Again, the animation is completely controllable by an attorney or medical expert to allow the presenter to show exactly what they want, when they want from the angle that best illustrates the issue at hand.

Finally, in a stunning comparison piece, the final node allows user to visualize in real physic-driven reality the difference in GSK’s safety studies expenditures and their marketing output.  This moves beyond just the numbers and puts these priorities in perspective.

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