JML Environmental Engine Walkthrough

The tie treatment plant in Texas has been in operation for decades.  Understanding the complex processes and effects of the plant faces two obstacles: the complexity of the treatment steps themselves, and how they have changes over the years. The JML Environmental Engine solves these problems in ways unique to Justice Media Lab’s technology.  First, because the Somerville Engine is not just an animation, an attorney or expert can fly to any place within the plant at any time.  Structures and equipment can be clicked at anytime to provide data panels that provide scientific data, charts and photographs.  Procedures are illustrated not just in time, by in dynamic space that allow an attorney to show what’s happening instantaneously from any angle desired.


To solve the great time duration of the plant’s effects, the Environmental Engine allows for shifting of eras.  Need to see what the plant looked and functioned like in 1945? The Environmental Engine can show it on demand.  Not only will the plant be transported in time, but the presenter can fly through the space to show in detail how the plant was working at that year.
Finally, since most of the detrimental effects of the plant are invisible to the human eye, the Environmental Engine allows for illustration of these molecular level occurrences through interactive flythroughs that show a jury exactly where and what is happening in ways that move beyond photography or even traditional animation.

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